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Kazhugumalai Immersion programme for dubai students - Feedback

What is expected and what is really happened?

Ambal oorani - Project plan & detailing- expected happened
Ambedkar Village - Condition & current situation- far from what we expected

Top 3 good impressions

Excellent Officers - Highly efficient
Comprehensive workshops - Very insightful
Great Exposure to actual field conditions

3 Important Learning

Detailing of projects
Views & opinions of villagers
How to tackle problems in acceptable mannar.

Difficulties faced

Power cuts( Cannot really be helped)
Nothing much otherwise

Overall impression about this visit

Most insightful and best visit possible for such a group due to helpful staff & support

Way forward

Possibly increasing the size of events and creating large maso response - for immediate action to take steps to prevent problems.
Eg:- Village participation in rainwater harvesting